How we work

iMasFinance, enters into agreements with progressive companies wanting to invest in their greatest assets, their employees, by providing financial wellness solutions. In essence, we invest in your employees by offering complimentary financial wellness training as well as short-term financial advisory services, housing solutions, personal loans, purchase cards and vehicle finance.

Our customers become our members and as a financial co-operative they share in our profits through the iMasRewards programme. They become a part of our organisation through our membership. At iMasFinance the core of our existence is shared value.

We also offer business-to-business value proposition that includes business insurance, group schemes, building loyalty/rewards programmes for other financial institutions.

Our Purpose: To empower our members to live financially well while creating shared value for our members.

Our Vision: To be the most rewarding workplace financial services provider.

Our Mission: Enabling our members to benefit from shared value through providing innovative financial solutions.

Our values

Teamwork: We understand that strength lies in numbers and as such, we work collaboratively to achieve our goals.

Innovation: We pride ourselves in being experts in our field; hence, we continually learn and grow to keep up with the latest innovations.

Trust: We are a trusted and authorised financial services provider that cares about the financial wellbeing of our members.

Ownership: We accept responsibility and take ownership of everything we do.