Apply for a personal loan from R 1000 up to R 200 000. Get the right borrowing to assist you with achieving your goals. If you dream it we can help you achieve it.

Personal loans

Have you ever found yourself in a difficult situation and needed money – now?
Apply for an emergency loan up to R 6 000.

Emergency loans

We know that, you know what the benefits are when pulling all your debt together to only have one payment. That’s why we negotiate the best option and terms for you.

Consolidation loan

GradUcare can help you further your own studies and pay for your child’s education, from pre-school right through to university. It also covers student accommodation, stationery, textbooks and even school trips.

Educational loan

With a pension-backed home loan you can renovate your home – from installing your dream kitchen to adding an extra room or even a pool! The upside is increasing the value of your house.


You can shop for almost anything online. Why not shop online for a home loan too?

iMasFinace, in partnership with MortageMarket, helps you to find the best home loan deal and you can apply for it online.

Bond Origination